I like to make the internet.

I'm Yo Yehudi, a software engineer at InterMine, an open source biological data platform at the University of Cambridge. I'm comfortable coding full stack, but my favourite bit of all is the place software intersects with people: the User Interface. Mockups, codes, and user testing are my bread and butter.


As part of my work with InterMine, I blog regularly at intermineorg.wordpress.com. I also tweet busily from @intermineorg, mostly retweet others' tweets in @gmodproject, and ruminate on academic software engineering, politics, and cats as @yoyehudi.

This year I helped InterMine participate in Google Summer of Code, gaining five students for our organisation. I personally mentored a GSoC student who developed an InterMine iOS application.


You can see some of my open-source work on GitHub. In particular, check out BlueGenes (code, demo), InterMine's webservices-powered UI, and the InterMod GO tool (code, demo), and cytoscape-intermine. I used UK governmentopen traffic accident data to build an accident lookup map (code, demo, gov.uk approved listing). You'll note that most of my stuff is Java/Android, Javascript, or, more recently, Clojure or ClojureScript.


BlueGenes, a new UI for InterMine Code, demo

InterMOD GO Tool

GO InterMOD Code, demo

UK Traffic Accident visualiser

BlueGenes, a new UI for InterMine Code, demo, data.gov.uk approved listing

Gene interaction viewer

Cytoscape InterMine Code, demo


If you'd like to contact me, please use yochannah@gmail.com - but note that I'm not looking for any job opportunities at the moment. Thanks.